Diana Halstead, Digital Artist
Diana Halstead
 Digital Artist
Master Retoucher
Restoration Expert 

As an award winning digital artist & photographer, Diana has loved photography since childhood when she used her mother's Brownie to shoot friends, classmates and around her neighborhood, eventually receiving her own Polaroid Swinger. As much as she loves photography, retouching other professional photographers images and restoring old images for her clients have both become her passion. 

Diana still remembers working with her high school yearbook photography group and how one of her more experienced photographer classmates took her under his wing and showed her how to really capture great moments in time. It would be 30 years later, while she was living in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, when this same classmate sent her a copied version of Adobe Photoshop (shhhh). This was prior to YouTube and in the very early days of Photoshop (before layers), so she had no choice, but to teach herself this program. Today, Diana is able to create a "mountain out of a mole hill" turning a 2 foot pile of sand into a 6 foot Snowman, create a cities out of screws...and even twist them together to become a tree.

With her home town where the Missouri & Illinois Rivers meet, the beach always seemed to call to her. About 20 years ago, she answered that call and has found her Paradise on Earth. <3

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